Enchanment of Kedung Darmo, Hidden Gems Waterfall in Southern Malang

Oleh Malang Tourism Center (Novi) April 12, 2021

The hustle and bustle of cities also endless air pollution certainly makes the lungs want to take a break for a moment. An option such as going to holiday on a tourism object that still nature well-preserved can be chosen. Since the mountain and the sea is already become popular destination, What about visiting waterfall?  Have you ever heard Kedung Darmo Waterfall? If this is the first time you hear about it, congratulations, you have just discover the new hidden paradise in South Malang which is still not well-known by the tourist.


Located in Wonorejo, Bantur, South Malang, East Java, the estimated time needed to get to Kedung Darmo Waterfall is about 2 hours , if taken from Malang city. Even though it takes a long time, you will see an eye-catching scenery, a wide rice fields that blend harmoniously with the beautiful bright blue sky along the journey so there’s none of bored feelings.


If you keen on adventure, Kedung Darmo Waterfall is the right choice to push your adrenaline rush. Besides of its distance that is quite far away, the potholes road, uncounted sharp turns, and ravines on the right and left as far as the eye can see will surprise you. When you entered the front gate of Wonorejo Village, you will also find an up and down winding road. Moreover, the cobbled dirt road which sometimes become muddy if the rain comes is the only way to get there. Afterwards, you have to face the tracking which is quite steep due to the lack of maintenance access to the waterfall. There are only a few bamboo placed on the tree trunk that can be used as a handles.

Besides of all the obstacles and challenges ahead, it will all pay off when you start to hear the noise of the waterfall. Your eyes will be spoiled with the magnificent view. The gurgling of the water will bring serenity. The place is also clean, none of scattered trash since the place is rarely receive a huge number of tourist visited. Usually this waterfall is only passed by local residents who will find food for livestock.

Visitor Reviews

Aira, 19 years old, a resident from Gedangan Malang, admitted that this was the first time she visited Kedung Darmo Waterfall. “It is the first time I come here, the terrain turned out to consume lot of energy, I chose to take off my footwear so it wasn’t slippery and made me easier to tread on the ground.” She added that the scenery offered is commensurate with the terrain being traversed. Also, she thought the place is still quiet so it gives more space to explore