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Batu is a city in East Java province, Indonesia. The city is located 15 km west of Malang, in the path of Kediri and Malang, Malang, Jombang. Formerly, It was a part of Malang regency; but in 2001, Batu became an independent city legalized by Act of 11, 2001, when it became a municipal town with its own city mayor and council.  This city is directly border with the District Mojokerto and Pasuruan in the north and the District of Malang to the east, south, and west. This urban area located at an altitude of 680-1200 meters above sea level with temperatures average 15-19 degrees Celsius.
A population of 170,000 people, it mostly consists of Javanese and Madurese ethnics. The town used to be a recreation place for the Dutch colonial officers in the Dutch colonial area (before 1945). A historic colonial-style hotel is the Kartika Wijaya, founded in 1891 by the Sarkies Brothers. Batu has been called Little Switzerland in Java because of the tourist area lied on the cool mountains. In this city you can find lot of tourist attraction such as in Songgoriti you will find  Songgoroto Temple and Ganesha statues and relics of the kingdom Singosari then the resorts which built since the Dutch era.

many tourism over all country visit this beautiful city because of the view and many place to go. here are some place you can visit while traveling to batu

  1. Jatim Park 1 & 2

if you are looking for a great amusement fill with all fun games and play ground for you and your family, then Jatim Park Malang is one of considerable for you. This place located 20 KM from Malang City tho the West (Batu). there are 36 fun lit which welcome you to enjoy your time. a great Fantasy Land that you an enjoy with your friends and family. this place reflects learning while playing concept especially for your children who need to discover the world. this is a good choice for you to come. Jatim Park 2 provides a really big and heterogeneous Secret Zoo Zone, Tree In Hotel and another interesting lit.

2. Batu Night Spectacular (BNS)

Traveling in Malang would not be so great if you don’t do having fun with your friends, family and the one you love. there are many park that you can enjoy in Malang City for having fun even can amuse you with your traveling time. This is the place that you cannot miss while traveling to Malang. BNS is a park located in Batu City filled with enormous and sparkling light makes your time felt be more interested. you can visit BNS start from 03.00 PM untill midnight

3. Paragliding in batu

To find another beauty in Batu you have to try this contentment, how about paragliding? Batu is not only promising about the beauty of natural scenery but Batu can be the best choice for those who love adrenalin tourism such as paragliding. To get this amusement just go to Banyak mountain which more familiar as the aero spot in Malang Regency. Paragliders usually come to this place in June up to October.
Banyak mountain which stand 7°51′45″S   112°30′15″E (1350m) is considered as the best mountain-base paragliding site in Indonesia. The elevation from launching to landing is about 400m with only less than 2km away, flyable almost 365 days a year, ridge soaring and thermals, good access to the site, and beautiful landscape of Kota Batu and Mt. Panderman. Perfect for schooling and tandem paragliding.
This area is intentionally selected because it suitable as paragliding sports center, you can fly around, peering scenery from the air then landed in the Songgorit area.
In this place, a national event of paragliding often held on this location. Because of the transportation and accommodation facilities are quite good to  go to Banyak mountain.
From Malang’s bus station (Arjosari), take a blue shuttle van AL (Arjosari-Landungsari) then from Landungsari station, take a purple shuttle van to Batu, stop over at Batu’ station and take a green shuttle van, stop over at Songgoriti.

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