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Malang City lies on southwestern part of Indonesia, Java island, on the Brantas River, at the eastern part of Mount Semeru (Gunung Semeru), near Surabaya. Malang is a trade center of agricultural area in which sugar, rice, coffee, tea, corn, peanuts, cassava, and cinchona bark are grown.
Malang city has its Interesting Places that can attract the visitor to visit this city. This cool and fresh city also has been equipped with such kind of tourism accomodation including hotel, restaurant, etc. The visitors can visit its interesting tourism objects including; City Hall, Bird & Flower Market, Brawijaya Park, Kayu Tangan Complex, City Square, Taman Krida Budaya, Gajayana Stadium, Ijen Boulevard, etc. Lets discover Malang

  1. Malang City Hall


Balai Kota (City Hall) on Jl. Tugu is an old-Dutch-building, the charming ‘Aloon-aloon bunder’ is staying in front of the building, used as JP. Zoen Coen Park. Tugu statue decorated with the water-lily pool surrounding with the giant-shady of Trembesi trees.
This City Hall is commonly visited by many people in the morning and in holiday. They usually do sport activities or just walk around.

2. Bird & Flower Market


The bird market is a colourful and a lively place to meet all kinds of animals, not just birds. Locals love national and international birds as it symbolizes wealth and is as important as a house, a wife and a keris (dagger). Get a glimpse into local culture.

According to Western culture, this market is far from animal friendly; too many birds in a small cage, fishes packed in small plastic bags, turtles…. But, it really gives you a glimpse into local culture.Necessary equipment and food for all kind of animals can be found on the market as well. You can find the flower market next doors.

3. Taman Wisata Brawijaya /Senaputra park


Taman Senaputra (Senaputra Park) on Jl. Belakang RSUD Syaiful Anwar is the recreational area of the city and completed with playground for children, traditional art performance like “Jaran Kepang and Mask Dance” that held continously. “Jaran Kepang and Mask Dance” is held frequently.
There are many visitors have visit this recreation park with their family in holidays. They usually have family recreation with bring their lunch here.

4. Malang City Square


Malang City Square or “Alun-Alun Kota Malang” is another sophisticated place you must visit in Malang city, East Java, Indonesia. It is the center of the crowd in Malang city. It was the old city surrounded by prison building (now it is Ramayana Mall), the center of Government building, market/business, and worship places (mosques and churches).

Malang City Square is one of the most favorite places visited both by domestic and foreign tourists. It is the place for everybody to relax with friends or family enjoying scenic view of the small city Malang. Right in the middle of Malang City Square, there is fascinating garden fountain of the city. Moreover, hundreds of pigeons are the natural beauty that accompany your every steps in this place. They are taken care well and you could also give them some foods. Bird feeding can be one of the most attractive activities can be done with family or friends.

Some activities are highlighted to be recommendation. If you love photograph, this place could be the best object for you. As I said before, hundreds pigeons are there for day and night. You can take the natural pictures of them. The scenic view is also good background for you and your family to take the pictures. Once a week in Sunday, there would be a music performance from Orchestra Group named “Muni Sore” at every 3.00 p.m. They play traditional, modern, and pop songs. Sometimes, the audiences can request a song to be performed. You can do it too! You could take your time enjoying beautiful music played by them while doing some fun activities with your friends or family.

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