KIDAL TEMPLE, this temple lies about 7 Km South West of Tumpang considered as the most beautiful temple left by the Singosari Dynasty. It was built in 1260 as a burial shrine for the King Anusapati, the second king of Singosari who died in 1248. This 12.5 m tall temple furnished with a well-carved relief of Garudaleya story taken from the Adiparwa book. The relief was carved starting from the left side of the temple and this is different from most temples, which are carved from the right. The steps of this temple are guarded by two Kala Makara (dragon) the same shaper that we can find in Kraton Yogyakarta.
Jajaghu or Jago Temple was constructed in 1275 – 1300 AD. It is believed as the burial place of King Wisnuwardhana’s ashes, the fourth king of Singosari Kingdom. It lies at the village of Jago, Tumpang Sub-district, 22 km to the East of Malang.

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