Just feel free to enjoy the “Marvelous Batu”, the cool city and it is the  Little Switzerland in Java.
* Agro Tourism
Batu is identical with his agro tourism, you can find : apple, flower, strawberry, and vegetables. Just try the apple picking tour, its directly pick from the trees. This tour can be the pledge for Batu tourism object, just go to Punten village, Bumiaji village, and Kusuma Agro Wisata areas (Kusuma Agro Tourism). If you want fresh vegetables just go to Sumberbrantas village, you will find lot of vegetables there such as carrot, potatoes, mustard, etc.

* Natural Beauty
With the geographical conditions that surrounded by mountains Batu can give the real taste about nature. If you like to have a nice camp tour you can go to Cuban Rais and Cuban Talun waterfall to get the real fresh air from fresh mountains. Then go to Cangar to take great spa session, this hot water is rises from Mount Arjuno.

* Cultural Tourism
Enjoy the beautiful cultural tourism on Batu, just like classical ballets from Batu, Sedekah Bumi, Ludruk, and you can find also Campur Sari.
* Heritage
Batu have lot of great cultural heritage such as Songgoriti temple, the relic from Dutch era, and Japan era like Kartika Wijaya Hotel, Tuan Danger grave, Japanese cave in Cangar, Japanese cave in Tlekung.

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