60 Kilometres south of Malang are the beached of the rough southern coast, battered by wind, deserted and beautiful. The most are only reachable by car; a journey through poor farmers villages over rough landroads and stone hills. Ngliyep is attracting most visitors, especially on holidays like Labuhan (normally in October). However the sea looks very attractive, along these beaches are dangerous streams and whirlpools. This is the place of the Queen of the Southern Sea, Nyai Ratu Kidul; the color green angers her and a huge wave takes away innocent swimmers.
Ngliyep is a rocky beach located in Kedungsalam village, it has wonderful views where gigantic waves meet coral reefs. Labuhan has an annual religious ceremony held on 14 Maulud (Javanese Calendar) starting from 4pm. “Jolens” contain of “sesaji” are carried on the shoulder from the rest house for travellers to Mount Kombang. The people throw the sesaji (the head of goats)to the sea after praying together with the elders of the village. In this ceremony, women put on Javanese traditional Customs.
Enjoy one-day trip in Ngliyep beach, a beautiful rocky beach in the Southern part of Malang Regency. It has an isle with a lush green tropical shore-forest giving more enchantment to the beach. Some facilities are available such as : stall, souvenir shops, inns, traditional store or “warung”.
Labuhan Mulud (offering Ceremonies) is held here. Find truly local culture during your trip to Ngliyep beach. The private transportation will be comfortable since you might have some stops and destinations for your conveniences

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